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All About Clip-in Extensions For Your Special Day!

Hi Beauties!

On today's blog, I want to talk to you all about clip-in extensions. They're perfect for many reasons, and I will explain as well as show you. Clip-in extensions, in my opinion, are perfect for your special day for their versatility! Not only for versatility but also volume and length, they also help with keeping your desired hairstyle last longer. Many styles you see online, celebrities, Pinterest, etc are using extensions for either volume and or length. Even if your hair is long it does not mean the volume is there, and that's where extensions come in handy! Below see an example of the same hairstyle with and without extensions.



Here, I am using Bellami Silk Seam 22in clip-in extensions in Jet Black 240 grams. Depending on your choice of style and your hair density, I think the minimum should be 240 grams. If you do not go with Bellami extensions, which I do recommend, I suggest you make sure they're 100% human hair. Human hair guarantees it can withstand heat styling. All in all, they're top on my list when it comes to your big day! As always, the hairstylist you pick for your special event will guide you on whether or not it is needed.

Just in case you would like to purchase from Bellami here's my discount code for you: TIFFANYG.


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All the best,

Tiffany xox


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